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Hurricane Damage Response

Hurricane Laura struck Texas and Louisiana on August 27th, 2020 and caused widespread damage, including extensive flooding, destruction of property, and disruption to vital services like healthcare. In 2005, 97 hospitals were immediately impacted by Hurricane Katrina and similar impacts are expected in the aftermath of Laura. 

In September, Hurricane Sally caused severe storm damage across the Southeast, and hit Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana particularly hard. Sources expect the aftermath of Sally to cost anywhere from $2–$3 billion. 

A Comprehensive Response to the Disaster

With communities and healthcare impacted across three states directly in the path of Laura, it's important to know what options are available if your business is disrupted and how you can respond. 

Additional Technology Resources

Cloud Networking (2)


How Cloud Networking Enables Remote Work At scale

Download our ebook featuring insights into the impact of cloud networking for quick response to a disaster, including remote work.

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WAN Modernization for enterprise health care provider

Learn how an organization with more than 2,000 locations in 46 states leveraged cloud networking.

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SD WAN eBook


Overcome Network Challenges To Reduce Costs and Improve Speed

Learn how SD-WAN technology offers benefits to distributed organizations through WAN modernization.

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Are Your IT Projects Aligned to Critical Business Strategies?

Are Your IT Projects Aligned to Critical Business Strategies?

The key to success in modern organizations is the careful alignment of information technology investments and projects to critical business strategies. To achieve the full potential in increased revenue and productivity you must lead with a thoughtful plan and outstanding execution.

cloud networking future

How Cloud Networking Prepares Your Organization for the Future

2020 has provided an important reminder that you can never be too prepared. As millions of employees shifted to remote work and many companies have fundamentally restructured their operations as a result, it’s more important than ever to have a cloud networking strategy that is forward thinking.

mfa passwords

How to Improve Password Security for Your Organization

No one likes passwords. They are difficult to remember, must be updated frequently to remain effective, and can be compromised across multiple accounts if there is a breach. But passwords aren’t just a headache for employees. They can have a significant impact on productivity in organizations that must field IT help desks for password resets and absorb hours of lost productivity when someone is locked out of their accounts.

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Federal Funding Resource Links:

Best Practices for Remote Work During a Disaster

Whether you have a part-time work-from-home policy or not, few of them will have ever worked 100% from home before, and the transition can be jarring. 

Policies and procedures should be implemented as quickly as possible at the management level to keep employees engaged and teams in sync. That means:

  1. Overcommunication - Implement tools that facilitate constant communication between everyone, wherever they are working. You won’t realize how much teams rely on a quick jog down the hall for a 10-minute standup until they can’t do it. Encourage an abundance of communication, and provide guidance on which tools should be used for which forms of communication. When everyone is remote, it’s easy for messages to cross paths on different platforms. Determine now if you’ll primarily use email, Slack, Teams, or project management tools to track messages on your current projects. 
  2. Facilitate Down Time - Remote work can lead to loneliness in normal circumstances, but it’s worse when your employees quite literally cannot leave the house. Setup channels in your communications tools for fun, non-work related conversations. Kick-off meetings with lighter fare. Loosen up and allow employees to stay engaged with one another now that they can’t directly interact. 
  3. Understand Work Styles - Everyone works differently. It’s difficult to see that in the office when everyone is working in the same ecosystem. But online, it will become more apparent as some people grow much quieter on conference calls, others provide scarce details in their emails, and others still go radio silent for hours or days before providing massive updates. Management should take these into account and not try to force everyone into the same structure if it’s not a good fit, while at the same time ensuring ample communication between team members. 
  4. Turning Off - Work-life boundaries can be difficult to manage in normal times. Weeks and potentially months stuck at home could obliterate them. While you can’t make your employees turn off the computer, encourage healthy habits and downtime where appropriate.  
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